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Connection Between Nutrition & Eye Care

October 21st, 2015 / WiseVision / Comments

Grocery shoppingIt is common knowledge that healthy eating can improve all-around health. What many do not realize, however, is that improved vision and eye health is one of the big benefits of seeking good nutrition. Clinics like Wise Vision and Hearing often tell their patients to improve their intake of healthy items in order to strengthen eye muscle and tissues. The following is a list of specific vitamins and nutrients that can be used to improve certain facets of eye vision care:

  • Essential fatty acids: Materials like fish oils and other Omega fatty acids can do a lot to improve eye health. They have been known to improve retinal development, and are a key source of nourishment for the nervous system.
  • Zinc: This has been called the ‘Helper Molecule’ because of its varied list of things it does for the body. The most direct effect it has for your vision is the production and protection of melanin. This is what creates the color in the eye, which is there to protect the eye from dust and light.
  • Vitamin C: Studies have shown that those who have a healthy daily dose of Vitamin C are far less likely to develop cataracts in the eye. Many in the industry feel this is because of the immune system support and improved circulation that Vitamin C can offer the body.
  • Vitamin E: There are a lot of eye health problems that come with age. While there is no vitamin or nutritional supplement to stop the body from aging, Vitamin E can help prevent the hardening of the eye lens. Delaying these signs of aging and the accompanying inconvenience can be a major benefit to many people.

All of these helpful nutrients can be found in the basic tenets of a healthy diet, but they can also be found in supplement form. However they are taken, they have been proven over and over again to deliver improved health to the body and eye vision care.

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